Thursday, March 26, 2009

City of Mabank Conducted Disaster Drill to Prepare for Disaster

KAUFMAN COUNTY - On Saturday, March 28, 2009, the City of Mabank in cooperation with the American Red Cross - Dallas Area Chapter conducted a mock disaster drill to test the capabilities of the city and partnering agencies.

The drill, which was based on a tornado, began at 8:30a.m. Warning sirens sounded in the area and emergency personnel responded as if it were an actual event.

American Red Cross volunteers were expected to set up a shelter and simulated providing meals in the shelter and field alike. Additionally, Disaster Mental Health and Government Liaison volunteers participated.

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  1. kris you always on top of things. Volunteers and staff deeply appreciate how proactive you are for the entire chapter.
    Terrell branch volunteers I look forward to seeing you earlyyyyyyy on saturday. I will be bringing 2 disaster health service volunteers-Ina Bostick and Raymond Collins and both serve on the Dallas West DAT team

  2. Mabank population estimated 2,816. Tornado sirens went off at 8:20 and a little more than 20 partnering agencies including: EOC, mabank and kemp fire, police, city, city works, EMS, animal control, ham operators, American Red Cross (DAT, government liaisons, health services, shelter operations) made up the estimated 300 participants! Some volunteers drove in from as far away as north Carrollton and Anna, texas! This all started when Disaster health services volunteers Charlotte Gish and Jolyn Mcgregor approached their hometown with the drill idea after participating in a mock tornado drill last summer in Carrollton, Denton county. The simulated tornado touched down in the northern part of the town. A tent command post was quickly setup and scenarios were conducted and fully carried out included patient field triage with critical and walking wounded patients, a car wreck with full extraction, a house collapsed with buried victim and hysterical wife, school bus pickup for the 28 shelter residents, canteen services for the emergency responders, and shelter residents with numerous medical needs were addressed. The fire marshall stated it was a earning experience for all. Thanks to all the volunteers and employees of Mabank, First United Methodist Church, American Red Cross volunteers and all partner agencies involved


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