Monday, April 13, 2009

"It's a Wrap" for F5, the Red Cross Movie

When SCOMPA (Soutwest Community of Motion Picture Artists) first approached the American Red Cross about making a movie late last year, I have to tell you honestly that we had no idea what we were in for! We don't know anything about the movie business, because, well, we're disaster responders! But we do know good quality when we see it and SCOMPA was definitely good quality.

Our first meeting was to determine the type of project the Red Cross needed in order to help the community understand why donations of time, money and blood are so important every day, not just when disasters happen.

We talked about videos and documentaries. We spoke about re-creations of actual events and testimonials. At one of these meetings, someone suggested that we make an actual movie. Brent Duncan, president of SCOMPA, was elated! Once the idea took hold, the wild ride began!

SCOMPA held casting calls for professional actors, coordinated more than 50 volunteer motion picture artists with skills in script writing, lighting, film photography, editing, producing and more. Together, their team began working on what later became known as "F5".
The Dallas Area Chapter building was transformed into a shelter, a disaster command center and even a hospital emergency room! Literally, hundreds of extras could be found waiting in our hallways for their scenes. Most were made-up to appear injured and bloody. Imagine the response from our CEO when she ventured into the building one Saturday to catch up on her work! She had to catch her breath first!

The film highlights the devastation caused by an F5 tornado otubreak across the Metroplex. Families are affected, communities are destroyed and the Red Cross is there to help. Through the actors, the real emotion of this catastrophic event is detailed with pinpoint accuracy.

The most amazing aspect of this partnership has been the relationship between our volunteers. SCOMPA, a volunteer-led organization themselves, understood the importance of volunteerism from the beginning. Because they donated 98% of this project, the American Red Cross will have a tool that we can use to recruit volunteers, inspire blood donors and encourage financial contributions.

We are excited for you to see the final cut of "F5"! SCOMPA is working through the post-production process now while we are looking for a facility to hold the Red carpet "premiere"! Stay tuned for the details!


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  2. Actually we never know where and when it could occur. Just because Ft. Worth is more prone to it happening does not mean the possibility of it happening in Dallas is 0. D


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