Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Volunteer Spotlight - Gary Wilkins

For the past five years, one tall Texan by the name of Gary Wilkins has been unmatched in his dedication to help others here at home, and across the nation. He’s seen it all—wildfires, flooding, hurricanes and, he was recently deployed to a flood turned blizzard in Fargo, North Dakota.

Gary’s compassion to help others is never in question. He helps hundreds of families each year and while they all touch his heart, some are impossible to forget.

In October 2006, Gary assisted with recovery efforts following the San Diego wildfires. “This one particular family had lost everything they had; their barn, house and cattle,” said Wilkins. “The reason that it stayed with me is because they had insurance, but it lapsed and they didn’t renew it. We provided them shelter, food, clothing, bedding and first month’s rent. They were very appreciative for the assistance. They did not expect it and they really needed it.”
After concluding his assignment, Gary remained in contact with that family. “I would call the family from time to time and when I would visit them the children would run up to me. I had to hold back the tears.”

As a dedicated Red Cross supporter, Gary understands the need for more volunteers on a local and national level. “The Red Cross is an outstanding non-profit organization that gives their community a lot of moral support no matter where the disaster strikes. If there is a need, we provide it.”

Gary sees every day as a chance to serve in his Red Cross role. “I am a ready, set, go person. I am constantly watching the weather channel to see what will happen in our area.”

With volunteers like Gary, the community can rest assured that the American Red Cross will be there to provide hope, help and comfort when disaster strikes.
If you want to change lives like Gary, become a volunteer. Call 214-678-4368 or visit to complete an application.

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