Friday, October 2, 2009

Prepare! Against zombies?

I love preparedness news. But, oh do I love quirky preparedness news. Well, have I got one for you. The University of Florida administrators discovered a small addition to their e-learning support services course management Web site. Tucked quietly between recovering from hurricanes and dealing with pandemic illness was a preparedness report on responding to a zombie outbreak.

The undead report was killed by University of Florida officials, but the report is circulating online.

From the report, I have included a few identifying characteristics of a zombie outbreak:
  • Disappearance of isolated citizens, initially in relatively remote areas
  • Increasing numbers of gruesome unexplained deaths and disappearances, especially at night
  • Identification of difficult to kill, flesh-eating perpetrators
  • Recognition that the numbers of perpetrators is rapidly increasing and that those previously identified as victims have reappeared as perpetrators
  • Increasing isolation of survivors
  • Breakdown of peace-keeping and medical services
  • Documentation of lots of strange moaning
Now you should have a clear understanding of how to be prepared against zombie attack. Below is the movie that very well may have started it all. However, if you need a class on first aid (that you will undoubtedly need if there is a zombie attack), visit our Web site to learn more about taking a class.

Go. And be prepared.

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