Wednesday, December 23, 2009

10th Day of Hanuchristmaskwanzakah: American Red Cross Style

I’m feeling more and more festive as we make our way through our wonderful “12 Days of Hanuchristmakwanzakah” song. But, what is up with the weather? I can’t tell if we are celebrating a white Christmas, mild Festivus or hot Hanukkah.

However, since today’s weather report is pointing to frigid cold (for this cold natured person anyway), today’s tip is right up our alley.

Piano, please…

On the tenth day of Hanuchristmakwanzakah, the American Red Cross advised me
Lower heating bills
Heat your home safely
Designate a driver
Save a life
Avoid danger while cooking
Red Cross train your babysitterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!
Prevent hypothermia
Don't spread the flu
Please drive safely
And prepare my vehicle for traveling!

Perfect timing fellow Red Crossers! When you are thinking, “Baby it’s cold outside,” it’s time to get your furnace cleaned by a professional; change the filters regularly. Make sure heat vents aren’t blocked by furniture. Close off any rooms you aren’t using and close heat vents or turn off radiators in those rooms. Use either insulating tape or caulking strips to surround your windows and door moldings. Put up storm windows or storm doors to keep the cold out.

Now go grab a cup of hot cocoa, light a cozy fire (making sure you always keep an eye on it, of course) and get ready to stay indoors tomorrow… unless you like frigid cold weather for some reason.

Since most offices and workplaces are closing today, I included an office video for today’s merriment.

Happy Christmas Eve Eve, late Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Festivus!

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