Monday, March 15, 2010

Preparedness tip of the week: Run for your life!!!

This is my favorite time of year.

The weather hovers somewhere between 65 and 75. The sky is clear and sunny.

It is the perfect weather to throw on your favorite pair of running shoes and hit the trail, road... or treadmill.

But, before you hit the trail, road... or treadmill you should check out the following tips to make sure you don't trip, get lost or plummet into a deep abyss with no way to contact the regular world.

Before Your Run (if running outdoors)

Find your running buddy. Of course, we know you are popular and have a wealth of people who can't wait to be drug out onto whatever trail calls your name - (Shout out to my running buddy who has been drug on many runs, including one marathon training goes here) - but if not, there are many running clubs in DFW for everyone from beginners to advanced runners.

Tell someone where you plan on running and when you will return.

Carry your ID and cell phone.

Take a whistle. In case of emergency of course.

Do not wear earphones or anything that distracts you so that you are completely aware of your environment.

During Your Run

Avoid unpopular areas, empty streets and creepy trails - especially unlighted routes at night.

Vary your route and time of day that you run.

Run in areas you are familiar with. I know... it seems over the top... but, a girl's (or guy) got to watch her back.

Stay alert and keep an eye of who is around you. The more aware you are, the less vulnerable you are. Think about escape routes in case of a confrontation.

Run clear of parked cars, bushes and dark areas.

Run again the flow of traffic so you can see automobiles approach you. If the same car drives by you more than once, take down the license plate and make them aware that you see them.

Drink plenty of water. You don't want to get dehydrated and pass out on the run.

Stretch! It's funny how many people miss this one. But, if you don't want to collapse, warm up and then stretch.

If confronted

Run toward populated areas. Ignore jeers and verbal harassment and keep moving.

Use discretion in acknowledging strangers. Be friendly, but keep your distance and keep moving.

Do not approach a car to give directions or the time of day. Point in the direction of the nearest information source or shrug your shoulders and don't stop.

Do not panic or run toward a more isolated area.

You are now ready to hit the road, trail... or treadmill, you running fool. So go for a run while the weather is nice. Soon enough, summer will be here along with the 90+ temperatures.

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