Thursday, April 22, 2010

Procrastination = Donation

Someone at my work sent me this link the other day: ProcrasDonate. I know you are scratching your head. I was too.

I'm not typically a procrastinator. I tend to be either an extreme over-achiever. It's a curse, believe me. So, why would she send me THIS website?

The answer is simple.

ProcrasDonate is a website that helps turn wasted time into doing something good, while giving people incentives to waste less time in the future.

Once again in English: ProcrasDonate lets you tag good and productive websites as TimeWellSpent and evil or time-wasting websites as ProcrasDonate. Time spent on the evil ProcrasDonate websites is recorded and a pre-specified donation is made to the charity of your choice. (This is the part where you choose: American Red Cross - Dallas Area Chapter.)

It's nuts, right? It's awesome.

Maybe something good CAN come out procrastination.

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