Friday, June 18, 2010

NEW! Red Cross Cargo Vest--Snap One Up Now!

Attention Red Cross Disaster Relief Workers:

The newly designed Red Cross Cargo Vest is now available for purchase from the Dallas Area Chapter! You will love the unique styling and the 14 pockets! It's perfect for your notepads, sunglasses, keys, BlackBerries, cell phones, sunscreen, well, you know, all the stuff we have to carry! Available in two fantastic shades: Tan (great for the hot summer months) and Black (great for the cooler months, or for indoor activities).

The price per vest is $49 and they are currently available in all sizes! Just click the link below to be taken to the order form, or call Bridget Smith at 214-678-4816. Be sure to have your chapter code handy!

Look great on your next assignment with the new Red Cross Cargo Vest!


  1. I'm a DAT and DMH volunteer in Nashville, TN. I purchased two vests (khaki and black). Love the quality and design. Red Cross logo on front and rear of garment. There is no reflective material so I would not use it on DAT calls. However it is good for PR, shelter, outside daytime efforts, classroom wear teaching a class, etc. Thank you to the Dallas chapter. Hope to work with ya sometime! :)

  2. DAT member in Eastern North Carolina. While perhaps more stylish, I've done many 901s at the edge of the road at night and believe the 3M reflective strips added to our safety with the older red mesh vests.

  3. I am very interested in purchasing one of the cargo vest. How do I get information on purchasing one. Corpus Christi,Texas


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