Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summertime CPR

It's that time of year again. The weather is beautiful (although we are peaking beyond 100 degrees several times this week). The snow cone stands have opened. The lakes are open for boaters and water skiers. And, the swim suits. Gee, I should have started working out earlier this year. Eek!

But, another beautiful thing about summer: It's a good time to learn CPR.

To inspire you, I found five wonderful movies, and one TV show (that recently ended its series) that depict a hero saving someone's life through the use of CPR.

So, whether you decide to be James Bond or Wendy Peppercorn, you can get your CPR skills here. There's actually a CPR challenge tomorrow if you get super ambitious.


The scene: Desmond rescues Claire from the water and performs CPR on her while Charlie worries.

Why CPR worked: Desmond tilts her head back, performs mouth-to-mouth and does chest compressions to save her.


The scene: After an intense night of preparation for Beerfest (you know you want that job), Phil "Landfill" Krundle passes out - head in the refrigerator, food hanging from mouth.

Why CPR worked: Phil's "superwife" finds him out cold, calls 9-1-1 and performs CPR to bring her loving husband back.


The scene: In an attempt to find out if there is anything beyond death, a handful of medical students conduct clandestine experiments with near-death experiences.

The Abyss

The scene: When Lindsey Brigman's heart stops beating, the crew almost gives up hope (after being jolted from the defribulator, which doesn't work). Virgil Brigman, on the other hand, stays true to his part and decides he's not ready for her to die.

Why CPR worked: While the American Red Cross does not endorse slapping and yelling as a means to bring someone back to life, it worked in this movie. Disclaimer: Don't try that at home.

Casino Royale

The scene: James Bond drinks poison while playing a stirring game of poker (that's what he gets for shaken, not stirred) and is thrown into cardiac arrest.

Why CPR worked: James Bond uses the handy defibrillator in his car to save his life (of course, after it doesn't work at first and he enlists help from a mysterious woman). Good thing he's James Bond.

The Sandlot

The scene: Michael "Squints" Palledorous is saved by hottie lifeguard, Wendy Peppercorn. But, he wasn't drowning, he faked it to have his "magic moment" with her. He "walked a little taller that day and we had to tip our hats to him..."

Why CPR worked: "Squints" wasn't really drowning. "He was lucky she hadn't beat the crap out of him. What he'd done was sneaky, rotten and low... and cool."

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