Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Say "bye bye" to boo-boos!

I'm always up for finding out about new preparedness products. These products are perfect for your little princes and princesses. They were listed on today's Daily Candy for Kids.

Check them out before you need to call the waaaaaaaaaaaaambulance!

The medibag has all the basics you'll need for caring for a stubbed toe or burned finger. It includes: antibiotic ointments, burn gel, application swabs, kid-friendly
bandages and smiley face stickers. Price: $20

For little ouchies on the little ones, make everything OK
with these colorful pocket cases (in blue, pink, orange and green). Each case includes: 24 accompanying I'M OK! bandages, six non-sting antiseptic swabs and an I'M OK! cold pack. Price: $14

"For your little monkey's scrapes and boo boos," moms can stock their Red Cross first aid products for their kiddies in these cleverly crafted pouches. The clear front pockets show what mom is running low on and what should be restocked. Price: $6 - $13

You go to the bank, they
give you a lollipop. You get a boo boo, you get a lollipop. Nothing keeps a kid from tearing up like a lollipop. And, these lollipops are sugar-free and contain a half gram of xylitol, which helps fight tooth decay and kee
p cavities at bay. Price: $13 for 24

Of course, if your child is of the rambunctious persuasion, you may want to opt for our Deluxe Family First Aid Kit. For only $24.95, you get the following:
  • (2) 81 mg. Aspirin Tablets (chewable)
  • (5) Triple Antibiotic Ointment Packs
  • (6) Antiseptic Cleansing Wipes (sting free)
  • (2) Hydrocortisone Cream Packs, 1%, 0.9 gm
  • (2) Hand Sanitizer Packs
  • (2) 5" x 9" Trauma Pads
  • (6) 4" x 4" Gauze Dressing Pads
  • (6) 3" x 3" Gauze Dressing Pads
  • (1) 4" Conforming Gauze Roll Bandage
  • (1) 3" Conforming Gauze Roll Bandage
  • (1) 1" x 10 yd. First Aid Tape Roll
  • (1) Instant Cold Compress
  • (1) CPR One-Way Valve Faceshield (latex-free)
  • (1) Emergency blanket
  • (2) Triangular Sling/Bandages (safety pins included)
  • (25) 3/4" x 3" Adhesive Plastic Bandages
  • (15) 1" x 3" Adhesive Plastic Bandages
  • (3) 2" x 4" Elbow and Knee Plastic Bandages
  • (10) 3/8" x 1-1/2" Junior Adhesive Plastic Bandages
  • (5) 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" Patch Plastic Bandages
  • (3) Knuckle Fabric Bandages
  • (3) Fingertip Fabric Bandages
  • (4) Thermometers (one time use)
  • Tweezers
  • Scissors
  • (4) Latex-Free Exam Quality Gloves
  • American Red Cross Emergency First Aid Guide
  • Soft sided bag with clear pocket pages

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