Monday, November 29, 2010

Wrap-Up Your Holiday Shopping with Hope

Participating in the 2010 Red Cross Online Holiday Giving Catalog

It’s Cyber Monday! While you’re making your lists, checking them twice and preparing for this holiday season, remember that disasters don’t take holidays. They can strike at any place, at any time, leaving those affected distraught and without hope. Some 60 people at a Dallas apartment complex learned far too much about what fire leaves behind when, on Black Friday, a 4-alarm blaze demolished their holiday. In an instant, families found themselves without basic needs like food and shelter.

Victims of this disaster and others desperately need your help. Be the one to meet their need by visiting the Red Cross Holiday Giving Catalog. There, you can end your search for the hottest toy and choose to provide a hot meal for victims of disaster. Or wrap up your holiday shopping by wrapping three children in Red Cross blankets for a gift of only $18. You can help turn tragedy into hope by shopping for gifts that truly save the day.

Disasters can happen anytime and holidays are no exception. Just since Thanksgiving Day, the Red Cross in Dallas has already been on the curb with nearly 100 people who were burned out by home fires. As I write you this letter at this very moment, the Red Cross is being called to yet another fire in Dallas which will require more materials for aid and assistance. By participating in our online gift catalog this Cyber Monday, you can ensure that the Red Cross has the supplies ready to respond to every disaster, whenever they occur.

As you’re making your gift lists this season, remember to include victims of disaster who desperately need Red Cross assistance. Wrap up your shopping by choosing to give help and hope.

All of us at the American Red Cross wish you a safe and happy holiday season.


Cheryl Sutterfield-Jones

Red Cross Responds to 4-Alarm Fire in Dallas, Texas

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