Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Japan Was Prepared, Are We?

The unthinkable happens.

As the earthquake rocked the shores of Japan, its people - including elderly, children and the vulnerable - only had a few minutes to evacuate before the large tsunami hit. Within this short time-span, many lives were lost and much property was irrevocably damaged.

The best laid plans.
This massive earthquake followed by a tsunami is something that even the most prepared country in the world did not expect. It is well-known that Japan has in place early-warning systems, strict building codes, and citizens that are heavily-versed in escape routes. Even with all this, Japan is still suffering after-effects of unimaginable proportions.

Let us take heed.
As the Japanese experience proved, even the best thought-out plans do not unfold as expected. What are our plans? Are we ready for a mega-disaster? Perhaps it is time for us to prepare.

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