Monday, December 19, 2011

Storms Roll In: We Roll Out

Just moments after the groundhog saw his shadow, Mother Nature is stirring up severe weather across the south and it could impact North Texas today and tomorrow with high winds, heavy rain and possible tornado touchdowns. It's important that we all do our best to prepare in advance of any severe weather. Here are a few tips that might help. Please pass these on and alert your friends and family to keep an eye to the sky today and tomorrow!

 Pick a safe place in your home where family members could gather during a tornado or straight-line windstorm. The safest place to be is underground, or as low to the ground as possible, and away from all windows. Make sure there are no windows or glass doors in your safe place and keep this place uncluttered.

 If you live in a mobile home, choose a safe place in a nearby sturdy building. Mobile homes are much more vulnerable to strong winds than site-built structures. If your mobile home park has a designated shelter, make it your family's safe place.

 If you are in a vehicle, get out immediately. Find a sturdy nearby structure and take shelter. If there is no building nearby, go to a low-lying area until the storm passes. Taking cover under bridges is not recommended.

 Check the supplies in your disaster kit to ensure that you have working flashlights with plenty of batteries. Candles are not recommended for emergency lighting.

Stay safe everyone!

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