Friday, January 6, 2012

Two Years Later: Red Cross Remains in Haiti

By Catherine Carlton, volunteer, American Red Cross North Texas

Darline and her daughter work with the Red Cross to rebuild their lives after the Haiti earthquake.

Thanks to its donors and volunteers, the American Red Cross has helped more than 3.2 million people affected by the Haiti Earthquake. January 13, 2012 marks the two-year anniversary of the devastating earthquake that left millions homeless, injured and struggling.

With this milestone come many stories of success and many challenges still being faced to restore the country’s livelihood.

Disasters like the Haiti Earthquake receive a lot of attention in the immediate aftermath, but the work to restore communities – and a country like Haiti – will take years. The Red Cross is committed to Haiti with the help of donors like you.

The majority of Red Cross donations is spent on housing, food, water and health care; the very basics that communities need to survive.

Darline Duverger is one example of the types of families you are helping with your donation. Her home in Port au Prince was destroyed during the earthquake. She and her two kids lived in temporary housing for more than year. They received priority for new housing due to her 7-year-old son’s disability. Now Darline operates a small store in front of her home selling items such as eggs, sugar and onions to support her family.

In the coming year, the Red Cross will help hundreds like Darline as they construct and repair homes in communities, provide a safe water supply, ensure sanitation, treat illness and educate the communities about disaster preparedness.

The American Red Cross would like to thank the many individuals, corporations, foundations and government agencies that so generously supported our work in Haiti. Your contributions are making a difference in the lives of people in Haiti, and we are committed to spending your donations wisely to help Haiti recover from this tragedy. For more information on our work in Haiti, please visit

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