Monday, February 27, 2012

Get to Know our Red Cross Instructors: Stan Bugala

By Red Cross volunteer Tonya Solis-Mosby

An important component of our Red Cross mission is to train our volunteers and community members on how to respond and prepare for disasters on every level, be it . This critical training could not be accomplished without our dedicated instructors who volunteer their time to immerse themselves in the most up-to-date Red Cross materials and spread their knowledge with our volunteers and local citizens.

The American Red Cross brings together myriad people with many different talents and skills. However, with the differences, they all come with a similar heart – a heart that cares for others. Here is a look at one of the many people who came to the Red Cross with the heart to care for others through teaching.

We recently caught up with Stan Bugala who shared his Red Cross story with us.

How long have you been with the American Red Cross?

"I’ve been with the Red Cross for 12 years, and I have probably taught for 10 of those years."

What do you teach and/or have you taught?

"Currently, I teach Shelter Boot Camp, Red Cross Orientation, Shelter Ops/Sim, DSO, RWTC, and DAT Workshops."

What event led you to become a Red Cross volunteer?

"The first time I became 1st Assistant DAT (Disaster Team) Coordinator in Denton County, I realized how difficult it was to keep 32 volunteers active to support a 3 person DAT team available every day and night. I figured the best way to help the situation was to teach new volunteers about the rewarding field of DAT teams. When Ike and Gustave hit, I was recruited to teach Shelter Boot Camp, which at the time was a six-hour course. Three or four instructors taught more than 1,500 new volunteers in a one-week period. The largest class I held was 87 people."

What is the most important think you’ve learned?

"The most important thing I’ve learned as an instructor is that we must not only provide accurate and consistent curriculum, but we must motivate students to move on and up in the system. Our biggest challenge, right now, is engaging new volunteers. Students look to their teachers for answers and guidance. We must be prepared to respond. The biggest reward to teaching is getting to meet so many great new people."
Thank you, Stan, for sharing your passion for the Red Cross with the community!

To learn more about taking a class with the Red Cross with a trained and dedicated instructor like Stan, visit our website.

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