Monday, April 9, 2012

Piper's New Parents: Caring for the Littlest of Victims

Photo Credit: Ken Riel/American Red Cross
Written by Kyla Campbell

There are moments after each disaster that, as a responder, will stay with you forever.

Today was filled with these moments as we went through Arlington, Texas visiting with kids and finding new parents for a small, stuffed animal named Piper.

Meet Paul, Hannah and Alonzo, today's new parents to Piper the Puppy. 

Paul, 16 months old, may not know what a tornado is but he knows that mom and dad were really nervous. As a result of the storms, he is anxious now too unless he is in his mom's arms. Now he has someone in addition to his mom to cling to, Piper.

Hannah, a 5-year-old, was needing a new friend, according to her mom. When Piper was brought off the truck and placed in Hannah's arms, we knew it was a perfect match. Hannah was home with mom when the tornado hit near Arlington, Texas. "She was super brave and huddled in the tub," said mom. "Now she is a little withdrawn." Mom was certain Piper would help ease the anxiety. We know this Piper was made just for her!

Alonzo was also home with his grandmother when the tornado ripped apart his home. When they approached the Red Cross truck for something to eat and drink today, they didn't know he would leave with a new friend. Piper is certain to feel right at home in his arms tonight.

Each Piper the Puppy delivered today was because someone in our community chose to care about children during disasters.

Piper the Puppy is a program where a Piper becomes a new best friend to a child after disaster rocks their world. After a $100 donation, your name is written on Piper's paw and he is loaded on the truck. Your monetary contribution helps care for the immediate needs of families, while Piper cares for the needs of the littlest victims of disaster.

This stuffed animal is more than button eyes, batting and fuzzy material.

This stuffed animal is love. He is hope during a terrible time. He is a friend to tell fears to. He is a constant, in the face of all the change.

He is Piper the Puppy and he is home tonight.


  1. I have proven the worth of teddy bears. My son had an intensely bad fever one night and I cannot leave his side in that situations since he always cries out when he sees I am not around. I placed his teddy bear by his bed. And he slept soundly that night. Teddy bears are more like companions to children in need.

  2. That is a beautiful story. Thank you so much for sharing. And you're so right. When we hand a Piper to a child, you see the immediate comfort. It's so nice to be able to do!


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