Friday, May 4, 2012

Ethnic Minority Blood Donors are Special! How Being Different Takes on a Whole New Meaning

written by Linh Le, staff contributor

Every day, I learn something new when I come to work. My most recent discovery was one of the most profound. Ethnic minority groups can have rare blood types that are distinctive to their communities. Being an Asian-American, this fact hit close to home. I realized that my donation is critical to helping us maintain a diverse blood supply.

Seleste Celaya (L) and Candice Marroquin (R) rest up after finishing donating blood at a community blood drive.

Statistics about our need and usage of donated blood have always amazed me. For example, did you know that more than half of the Hispanic community has type O blood? Type O blood is used for all types of situations and is usually in high demand by hospitals. It’s amazing to know that because you are Hispanic, there’s a higher chance that your blood type could be used for any patient!

I have always been proud that I am an Asian-American. Knowing that my blood type could possibly help patients with the same ethnic background as me as well as other people in need is something I’ll always remember when I’m at a blood drive. My ethnic pride pumps through my veins and can benefit others in unique ways as well!

Donating blood isn’t a long process, and the time that you spend donating can help save up to three lives so look us up online, no matter your background, to give a pint or host a blood drive. We’re always open at

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