Friday, December 28, 2012

Klarus Home Care Forgoes the Holiday Party to Celebrate the Real Spirit of Christmas

Written by Tonya Solis-Mosby, volunteer contributor

The Klarus Home Care team presented their generous gift to the Red Cross this December.

For some people, the holiday season is a time of festive parties and shopping for presents.  But for the employees and owners of Klarus Home Care, this year, the festive party was left out to give way for an extra-special gift amongst employees.  It was the gift of generosity and satisfaction that comes with giving to the American Red Cross.

Brent Hagood, representing the home healthcare agency, said it was Hurricane Sandy that prompted the company to forego this year’s holiday party.  “In light of the devastation by Hurricane Sandy on so many people’s lives, we thought, ‘Why spend thousands on something kind of extravagant for just a few hours when we could help those who were affected by the storm?”

So, in lieu of their holiday party, Hagood said, the staff decided on a $10,000 donation to the American Red Cross.

“It was the best cause and we knew the Red Cross was the best way to make sure the funds were used to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy,” he said. “This was made possible by our generous staff and their desire to make it happen.”

Klarus Home Care provides skilled home health care in North Central Texas and the greater Albuquerque areas.  The Red Cross is so thankful for the generosity of businesses and people who realize that one sacrifice and one gift really do make a difference and allow those in times of disaster to receive the comfort and support of the Red Cross.

Known as a “Superstorm,” Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on thousands of people and many states when it slammed onto the East Coast in late October.  Before the rains from the storms had cleared, American Red Cross volunteers were dispatched to offer assistance for those in the path of the horrible storm.

For more information on how your company or family can make a year end gift to the Red Cross, please visit  The best way to donate is to make a financial gift on the Red Cross website  ( or by calling 1-800-RED CROSS.  To make a $10 donation from your phone, text the word REDCROSS to 90999.

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