Monday, March 18, 2013

A March is Red Cross Month Update from T.D. Smyers

by Amy Yen, Digital Communications Manager, American Red Cross
T.D. Smyers, CEO,
North Texas Region

Red Cross Month is buzzing along and here in the DFW area, we’re looking forward to a little more celebrating before April comes our way. Regional CEO T.D. Smyers, for one, is excited:

“Red Cross Month is an affirmation of what we mean to America and to the people we help,” said T.D. “The recognition during the month of March each year gives us a great opportunity to showcase to the public all that we do. The fact that the mayor of Dallas, Mayor Mike Rawlings, and the mayor of Fort Worth, Mayor Betsy Price, have agreed to be honorary chairs of Red Cross Month activities annually has meant a great deal.”

Some of the activities coming up between now and the end of the month include:
Many of these events have a special Red Cross tie—Dallas Area Chapter board members Lori Jones and Kimberly Schlegal Whitman are co-hosting the Jack Rogers Trunk Show, while board member Bob Boulogne plays drums for the Lost Coyote Band. 

“We are so grateful that these leaders in our community believe in our cause and have been so closely involved in planning these events,” said T.D., who was on hand to receive the official Red Cross Month proclamations from the Dallas City Council and Dallas Commissioners Court and will do the same in Fort Worth on March 19. Additionally, on March 25, buildings in downtown Fort Worth will light red to commemorate Red Cross Month. 

T.D. says he’s especially excited that Red Cross Month is bringing attention to the new Red Cross Tornado app.

“It’s so powerful because it’s a real tool, something people can hold in their hand and that has the potential to save their lives. That’s pretty amazing.”

Red Cross Month is a great time to get involved—whether it be donating, giving blood, taking classes and especially volunteering.

“It’s going to be tough for you to find something more rewarding than getting involved with the Red Cross. We’re more than 90 percent volunteers,” T.D. explains. “It’s not that volunteers are important to us fulfilling our mission—they’re crucial. They’re the soul of our organization."

“I tell people, the Red Cross is you. We’re your neighbors. Sometimes people think of the Red Cross as just being a big organization that responds to national disasters, but we’re also the neighbors who show up at the curbside when a house burns down.  That’s because of our volunteers.”

To start your Red Cross story today, visit, and don’t forget to check out our Facebook page for more updates on Red Cross Month celebrations.

So what’s T.D. looking forward to the most?

“I’m excited to see the Fort Worth skyline turn red. It’s the culmination of a lot of work to make something like that happen, so that’s special,” he said, adding, “On the Dallas side though, definitely the Lost Coyotes concert. I like to rock. And I would never turn down a slice of Norma's Mile High Pie. I'll let my wife take care of the Jack Rogers sandals.”

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