Monday, June 24, 2013

A Red Cross-Trained Babysitter is a Skilled Babysitter

by Catherine Carlton, volunteer contributor & mom of two

Every parent wants, and often needs, a break. And every parent worries about finding the right babysitter. Whether it’s for work or for date night, having someone in your home care for your kids can be a stressful decision.

Don’t believe me, watch this:

With Red Cross babysitter training, you don’t have to worry about the babysitter you don’t want to have. Instead, you have a trained babysitter you want to have caring for your children. 

Hiring a Red Cross babysitter means someone who knows what to do when the baby is crying, how to handle an emergency, what do to when a child complains of a tummy ache. 
  • Have an infant? A classroom-trained babysitter will know how to feed, bath and diaper your baby.
  • Have a young child? A classroom-trained babysitter will have tips on how to play with kids of any age.
  • In the hopefully unlikely event of an emergency, a trained babysitter will have skills on how to react under pressure, who to call and what to say. 
When thinking about the caregivers I’ve hired for my kids, it’s the combination of the safety and softer skills that are most important. I don’t worry about feedings or sleep, I worry how will they handle an emergency and how they will comfort my boys. 

With a Red Cross Babysitting Training Diploma, I’d know they had both those covered.

Any trained babysitters out there interested in helping me have a date night this summer? :)

In the Dallas area & want to get trained? We have a babysitting class this Friday starting at 9am at our Dallas chapter (4800 Harry Hines Blvd, Dallas, Texas 75235)! Click here to view the latest health & safety class schedules for DFW and register online.

Catherine is mom of two boys: Scotty, 4, and Jeffrey, 2. 


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