Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summer Festival Survival Guide

by Micaela Rosinski, intern contributor

2012 H2O Music Festival in Dallas
The sun is out longer, the temperature is rising; summer is here. And summer in DFW means a plethora of festivals to attend. From food to countless music genres, there is something to cater to a variety of interests. As you set out to create summer memories, be ready to survive the heat and prepared for anything that may come your way!

1. Check the weather.
More than likely, it will be hot and humid the day of the event. However, always check the weather before you go so you can dress appropriately.

2. Don’t forget anything!
Make a checklist on your cellphone to go over before you leave for the event. You will have much more fun if you remember tickets, sun protection gear, extra cash, and a form of identification.

3. Is that enough sunscreen? Add more.
As you prepare to spend all day in the Texas sun, generously apply sunscreen before you leave. A broad-spectrum sunscreen that will protect from UVA and UVB rays should be used.

4. Choose clothing wisely.
Whatever festival you choose, it probably does not have a swimming pool. Leave the swimsuit at home and pick an outfit that will be comfortable in the heat and also help protect your skin. Ladies, reach for that adorable hat and new pair of sunglasses you have been dying to wear. Guys, there is nothing wrong with wanting to save your eyes and skin, too. 

Also, choose a supportive pair of shoes that will be comfortable after hours of walking and dancing. Close-toed shoes are a great option to help protect your feet from the ten people that will inevitably step on you.
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5. Stay together.
If you go with a big group or one other person, stay together. Losing each other in a crowd of thousands as everyone is trying to use a cell phone can prove to be a tough situation. Keep each other safe and leave with who you arrived with!

6. Stay hydrated!
Keep a bottle of water with you at all times. You will be active and sweating in the heat for a long period of time. No one wants to be the person that passes out at the festival. Drink plenty of water and make sure your friends do as well!

7. Music festival? Save your hearing.
Yes, it is an absolute blast to stand in front of the stage and have a ringing in your ears for a few days to follow. However, no one will think less of you for wearing ear plugs. Disposable ear plugs can be purchased at a low cost so you can enjoy the day without consequences. (Think you are too cool? Even guitar manufacturer, Fender, sells disposable ear plugs for concerts!)

8. Know the signs of dehydration and heat stroke.
If you or anyone you are with begins to not feel well, get help immediately. Most festivals will have first aid stations set up throughout the venue.
  • Signs of dehydration include: dry mouth, thirst, fatigue, headache, dizziness, lack of sweat, or few or no tears when crying.
  • Signs of heat stroke include: high body temperature, lack of sweating, muscle cramps or weakness, flushed skin, or nausea.
9. Have fun!
Now, if only we had palm trees..
DFW is a great place to be in the summer. Get out there and have a great time!

Not sure what festival is right for you? Check out this list of upcoming events in the DFW area.
For more information about heat safety, visit

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