Friday, July 19, 2013

Exploring Team Red Cross: The App

by Tonya Solis-Mosby, volunteer contributor

I did it! I became a member (again) of TeamRed Cross. On its first day in the social media world, I downloaded the new American Red Cross Volunteer App. 

I think I fell in love at start up, when the new Red Cross button logo appeared and then faded away only to bring forth a bright, crisp video showing the loving and caring faces of some American Red Cross volunteers.

From there, I was encouraged to sign up to “help where needed.” I didn’t choose the option to sign in using Facebook, so I took the steps to create a new account.  I was happy when through the process I was able to make it known that I’m already a Red Cross Volunteer, because when I started the process I worried I might duplicate or make harder some process.  But with the confidence that in some database somewhere, they will find me, I moved on through the process.

I entered my present location as prompted and I opted to receive push notifications. A screen promptly informed me there were current missions where I could help. On the next screen or so, details about the missions appeared on separate screens. I could donate blood; donate money or become a digital campaigner.

The digital campaigner mission sparked my interest, so I selected that option.
Once I completed a few questions about my social media abilities, I was on my way!  They promised to get back with me, and I promise I’m waiting.

Before finishing the sign up process, I received my reward. I was granted three achievement badges – just for signing up.

View the following slideshow for a tour of the application:

Like the other wonderful Red Cross apps, such as the Tornado App and the Hurricane App, the Team Red Cross App gives you more than expected. In addition to allowing you to sign up to volunteer, this app gives users real time alerts and Red Cross shelter locations. Also, there is various information regarding disaster preparation, what to do in case of and immediately after a disaster, and information regarding the services offered by the Red Cross. This information is presented in a variety of ways, including through quizzes and videos.

Overall, this is one app you would not want to miss. It's available for free for both iOS and Android devices. All of the Red Cross apps, including Team Red Cross, can be found in iTunes and Google Play by searching for American Red Cross or by going to

With this app, you can be on the front lines when disaster strikes. Take a tour of the app & then join the Team!

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