Wednesday, September 18, 2013

National Preparedness Month: Getting Red Cross Trained Can Save Lives

by Mary McCormack, intern contributor

Red Cross volunteer instructor
Natalie Steadman
This September marks the tenth year for National Preparedness Month and the American Red Cross is reminding our community how to stay safe, develop disaster plans and get information on being prepared during a disaster.

Locally, the Red Cross provides classes that help those how to become prepared for everyday emergencies. Classes such as CPR/AED training, water safety, babysitting training and disaster training courses are available at local chapters and sometimes even online.

Natalie Steadman, a professor at Texas Tech University’s Health Sciences Center and a volunteer instructor for the South Plains Chapter in Lubbock discusses the importance of why somebody should be prepared.

“It’s important to know even some of the most basic health traning,” Steadman said. “Just taking some simple courses can help you save somebody that you love.”

Steadman receives first aid training for her job every two years. She was able to use her training to help a man she did not know and ended up saving his life.

Littlefield, a small town outside of Lubbock, was hosting a football game one Friday night and Steadman happened to be on the sidelines. A photographer was also nearby when he started having heart complications and became unresponsive.

“I never thought that day would ever come,” Steadman said. “I always wondered, would I freeze when it came down to it, or would all of my training knowledge kick in?” 

Every month, the American Red Cross offers many classes that teach basic skills on how to save somebody who needs immediate medical attention. Without this training, Steadman would not have been able to save someone’s life.

“I’ve learned that the American Red Cross is all about helping those people in need at the very worst times in life,” Steadman said. “They have so many things to offer on how you can help, and I do my best to be an advocate.” 

You can search for health and safety classes near you on See upcoming class schedules for DFW here.

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