Thursday, November 21, 2013

Be Red Cross Survive the Hunger Games!

by Micaela Rosinski, intern contributor

We all wish we could wield a bow and arrow like Katniss or perfectly camouflage ourselves like Peeta. Unfortunately, most of us cannot quite compare to the wide range of skills the tributes in The Hunger Games possess. However, we have a resource the tributes do not: the Red Cross. So how would you fare if you absorbed all the Red Cross has to offer?

What to grab from the cornucopia? Look for the Red Cross logo. Red Cross sells first aid kits that would prove to be beneficial in a variety of events. There are also a variety of emergency preparedness materials such as kits and radios.

Preparedness is key. A variety of resources are provided by Red Cross for a plethora of emergencies that may occur. During the Hunger Games, nothing is off limits. Get started on becoming the most knowledgeable tribute you can be.

You have a smartphone! There are a variety of apps that can help you survive. Download the free Red Cross First Aid app. The app will provide advice on how to act if someone breaks a bone, has a head injury, gets heat stroke and more. There is also an emergency first aid function that instantly provides lifesaving advice.

Also try the wildfire app. This app will provide information on what to do before, during and after a wildfire. The game makers love fire, so be ready.

If you form an alliance with a younger tribute…you want to be prepared! Red Cross provides babysitter training classes that will allow you to best care for your new friend. The little ones can be quiet, sneaky and very helpful if you befriend them.

In case you want to save someone…for some reason…The first minutes after an accident are crucial. Take the Red Cross First Aid training course to know how to provide the best life-saving care possible. 

Dive into the games. Water being thrown at you is almost inevitable. A lake could be the starting point, or a flash flood could suddenly rush your way. Red Cross provides swimming and water safety classes that will keep you afloat. Search for classes near you here.

You survived….Now what? Disaster Mental Health Services provided by Red Cross serves as free counseling and support after a disaster. Coping with what happened is hard, but trained volunteers help people accept their situation and cope with their emotions. Here are some tips.

If being a part of the Hunger Games is not for you, no worries! Hunger Games: Catching Fire will be in theaters November 22. Live vicariously through Katniss and the rest of the gang in the second film of the trilogy. Truthfully, Red Cross provides countless services that better the quality of everyday life. To learn more about functions such as emergency preparedness and disaster services, visit & may the odds be ever in your favor!


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