Friday, December 20, 2013

Five Stocking Stuffers to Save a Life

by Suzanne Wiley, volunteer contributor

They say it is better to give than to receive, especially if you are giving the gift of life. Among the chocolate, candy and trinkets, this year fill their stockings with life-saving gear. 

Extreme weather, accidents and heart disease are the top killers in America. From 1950 to 2010, there were 6,524 extreme weather events in the Dallas Fort Worth, Texas area. While nearly 30 million Americans were affected by natural disasters from 1980 to 2010. Storms, floods, and extreme temperatures are the top causes of death and injury when bad weather happens. As North Texas is experiencing its first severe winter weather of the season, we are reminded how important it is to have food, blankets and plenty of water on hand in preparation for a disaster.

Artist and healer, Mbali Creazzo said, “Giving of any kind…taking an action…begins the process of change, and moves us to remember that we are part of a much greater universe.” 

In the event of a major weather catastrophe or other disastrous event, make sure you, your loved ones and neighbors have a way to stay warm, procure clean drinking water and plenty of food. Give your loved ones small gifts that could save their lives. 

Fortunately, the American Red Cross provides numerous items online to help save lives. The following are my top five favorites that will fit in a stocking: 

Aspirin tablets 
Besides helping aches and pains and bringing down fever, aspiring helps prevent heart attack and stroke. 

Safety Tube 
The safety tube includes three survival essentials: drinking water pouch, emergency blanket and a location whistle, so you can be found. Keep one in your purse, backpack, car or briefcase. 

Scout Survival Kit
For hikers, campers and other outdoor adventures, the Scout kit includes a fire striker and tinder, emergency blanket and various ways to summon rescuers.

Emergency First Aid Guide
This compact guide provides instructions on how to treat potential life-threatening situations such as cardiac emergencies, choking and allergic reactions. 

Donate in Someone’s Name 

Via the Red Cross 2013 Holiday Giving Catalog, you may donate money to causes around the world that save people’s lives, such as emergency kits, water containers and vaccinations. 
This holiday season as you hit the mall and shop for gifts, remember a few extra items that you can order online from the Red Cross that could possibly save a life. 

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