Monday, February 10, 2014

I Cross My Heart

Photo courtesy of American Red Cross
by Sydney Holt, volunteer contributor

“I Cross My Heart” – A promise, playground rhyme and a familiar country tune, the saying “I cross my heart” is one that we associate with the truth or a pledge. When it comes to taking the pledge to volunteer, I think many of us become overwhelmed and let our commitments fall by the wayside between school, work, parenting and all the other roles we take on as productive members of society. Well, listen up because do I have news for you… Volunteering can be what YOU make it!

Don’t believe me? 30 minutes, a few hours, part-time – take a look at a few ways you can volunteer with DFW Red Cross in 2014 – I “Cross My Heart” it’ll be quick!

30 – 45 minutes – Donate Blood. Contribute to your community's blood supply and change lives. Do it on your own schedule, volunteer as much as and as often as your schedule permits.

A few hours - Learn CPR or Become a Red Cross Instructor. Be ready to serve your community (and loved ones) at any time by learning the important skill of CPR. Then take it to the next level by attending additional courses to become a certified Red Cross Instructor. The Red Cross also offers other life-saving training classes, including Lifeguarding, Babysitting & Swimming/Water Safety.

More flexible – Admin work, accounting experience, writing experience – we welcome all of your talents! To search for opportunities in the DFW area (and beyond) click here.

No time? Don’t feel bad – be a financial participant by donating $10 – text ‘redcross’ to 90999.


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