Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Seeking Digital Volunteers!

Like everything else, the world of disaster response is going online. And the American Red Cross is following, so we can continue to help people, wherever they are, when they need it the most. Recently we opened our new North Texas Digital Operations Center (DigiDOC) in Dallas, a social media command center designed to help us better connect with people online with resources during disasters. Here's how it works:

Digitizing the Power of Volunteers

To make the most of this innovative technology, we need your help! We're looking for digital volunteers to help us staff our new DigiDOC and help our communications team monitor and engage on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter before and during disasters to let people know how to stay safe during emergency situations and connect them to Red Cross resources afterwards. 

What do digital volunteers do?
  • Support the Red Cross mission through social platform interactions and content creation. 
  • Use personal social media accounts to engage with donors, clients, and other members of the public on Red Cross-related subjects.
  • Monitor and post to official Red Cross social channels as assigned.
  • During disasters, provide moral and emotional support, connect affected communities with critical disaster information and resources and identify actionable posts or information on social platforms. 
  • Tag, sort and categorize posts from social platforms using software and processes established by the social engagement team. 
  • Communicate perceived trends in conversations, information about Red Cross-related topics back to the social engagement team. 
What are the requirements for becoming a digital volunteer?

  • At least one active social media account 
  • An active and regularly checked email account 
  • Intermediate to advanced proficiency in using social media sites 
  • Familiarity with social media monitoring applications and online group collaboration tools (examples: Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, online forums) 
  • Regular access to the internet 
  • Access to a computer than can run required software with no issues
  • Communications/marketing background or experience using social media professionally is a plus.
What are the availability requirements?
  • During times of disaster or severe weather, digital volunteers are asked for on-call availability to take 4-hour shifts, including during overnight hours.
  • During non-disaster periods, the volunteer can take assignments as their schedule allows. Time requirements will vary by activity, but are flexible.
  • Digital volunteers work both in the DigiDOC at the Dallas chapter during times of disaster and also remotely. In-person availability is NOT required to be a digital volunteer.
Socially savvy and interested in using your online presence to help people during disasters? Become a Red Cross digital volunteer!
Email amy.yen@redcross.org to learn more or visit RedCross.org/DFW to apply.

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