Monday, August 25, 2014

The Red Cross Guide to the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards

By Emily Ergas, intern contributor

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time of year again! The Primetime Emmy Awards will take place tonight, August 25th at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles and will air on NBC at 7 PM Central Time. With Seth Meyers hosting, the show is sure to be full of laughs, questionable fashion choices and talent.

Everyone has their opinions on the nominees whether good (yay Game of Thrones!) or bad (what about Orphan Black? The Americans?).  In order to be fully prepared to judge who should win and who should not, we here at the Red Cross have supplied a listing of TV series to sample along with some relevant information each show probably needs to incorporate in its characters' daily lives.

The Walking Dead – It’s only been nominated for two Emmys this year in Outstanding Special and Visual Effects in a Supporting Role and Outstanding Sound Editing for a Series, but this series is a fan favorite without a doubt. With zombies milling about, it’s best to find a nice and fortified shelter in which to live/hide. These guys should get the Red Cross shelter app which provides detailed maps and locations of the nearest shelter.

Game of Thrones – Another huge fan favorite, it leads the nomination count with 19! It’s obvious to us that characters on this show should become familiar with our pet heat safety tips. Even dragons need some cooling off! And if you think the dragons are just fine in the heat, let’s protect those direwolves, goodness knows their owners aren’t lasting.

Orange is the New Black – This Netflix original series based on a woman’s experiences in prison has gained fans and critical acclaim alike. It received 12 nominations this year, including the first nomination for a transgender actor. All the women in this series deal with prison life and life after major upheaval which takes a toll on their mental health. We recommend looking at our Disaster Mental Health Safety page to learn how to cope with the aftermath.

True Detective – Equal parts mysterious and gripping, this HBO series about two detectives on the hunt for a serial murder sees both of its leads nominated in the Best Actor category. While rumors continue about who will be the cast next season, we’d like to strongly suggest any characters on this show pick up a Red Cross survival kit. They should be prepared for whatever awaits.

House of Cards – The first original online-only web series to receive Emmy nominations follows up with 13 nominations for its second season of political drama. Since these characters’ lives revolve around their work, it’s probably best that their workplace is fully prepared.

Modern Family – Another Emmys, another round of nominations for this hit classic comedy about a modern family in California. With the arrival of a new baby this past season, we think his brother and cousins should brush up on their babysitter training with our class.

Breaking Bad – Entering the Guinness World Records this year as the highest rated show of all time, this show about a high school chemistry teacher who turns to a life selling methamphetamine (meth) to provide for his family after his cancer diagnosis, definitely 100% needs to check out our chemical emergency preparedness tips. Also the home fire safety page. Seriously.

There are a few of the big names nominated this year. For the complete list, visit Tune in on August 25th to see who the winners are! (And if you’re like me, tune in early to check out the fashion as well.)

Good luck to all the nominees from the American Red Cross!

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