Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Piper, My Hero

by Carmen Wright, volunteer contributor

Right now I am 4,948 miles away from my dog. On a regular basis, we are usually only a few rooms away, and at night she is usually crowding me out of my spot on the bed. Now that I am studying abroad in Belgium, I feel her absence all the time--I miss her furriness, her floppy ears and her expressive eyes.

At times like these, I wish I had my childhood collection of stuffed animals surrounding me. When I was younger, their furriness brought me comfort and their happy expressions cheered me whenever I felt sad, much like my dog brings me happiness when she’s snoring beside me. As an adult, it seems strange that a toy could have ever become so important that I couldn’t go anywhere without it. But anyone who has had a favorite stuffed animal knows how great it is to hold something warm and soft when you feel alone. Plush animals are the heroes of our childhood--they just seem to make every situation better.

And of all the plush animals out there, Piper the Puppy is probably one of the best. As a dog-lover, I can’t help but find his expression adorable and inviting, and as a Red Cross volunteer, I can see how his floppy, mismatched ears can help cheer children in emergencies. On a dark night when when their home is being engulfed in flames and they feel confused, children can hold onto Piper for comfort. And even when the worse they face is a dark room at bedtime, they can know that Piper has been there for them in every situation.

So on this Plush-Animal Lovers Day, recall your favorite stuffed-animal and consider granting a child a new best friend and a hero in an emergency by sponsoring Piper the Puppy. Find out more at

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