Friday, November 21, 2014

Family Volunteer Day - November 22nd

by Carol Grinage, volunteer contributor

When we, as adults, see the overall selfishness in society, we worry about today’s children. We wonder how they will learn the spirit of giving to others and caring about others. We wonder what we can do or if there is anything that we can do. Luckily, there is something that we can do to build this trait, and that is volunteering as a family.

Points of Light has designated November 22 as Family Volunteer Day. This is a day in which families volunteer to give back to their community. This day gives parents a chance to show by example the acts of giving and caring. In return, children learn from their parents these traits, and they learn by doing not by lecture. In addition, Family Volunteer Day is a wonderful way for families to bond and create lasting memories by helping others.

So, you are now convinced that Family Volunteer Day would be a pretty cool way to spend quality time as a family. Now, you ask, “What can we do as a family? Will it be difficult? Will it be inconvenient? How do we get started?”

To get started, go to the Points of Light website.

If you are the planning and creative type, there are instructions that guide you as to how to set up your family volunteer project. If you are not so sure about volunteering and you would like some ready-made ideas, you can also find these on the Points of Light website.

There are many different projects that are a good fit for many families. For example, you can volunteer to walk dogs at a shelter or you can create a care package for a troop overseas or you can read to preschool-aged children and give them books. These are just some examples of the many possible family projects.

Once you and your family have completed your project, you will learn what many social scientists have discovered – helping others makes us happy. So…what is your family project this year?

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