Thursday, February 19, 2015

Loving the Fur Babies on Love Your Pet Day

by Carol Grinage, volunteer contributor

Ladybird prefers crosswords.  
In honor of Love your Pet Day, Friday, February 20, we'd like to share with everyone our new partnership with an organization that enables us to give the fur babies in our lives love after a disaster too.

Let's face it. In spite of the fact that they're messy, noisy and sometimes mischievous (see photo evidence), pet owners wouldn't trade their 4-legged friends for anything. But when disasters strike, such as home fires, it's pets that are often left without help. What are people supposed to do when their pets need food? This is where Don’t Forget to Feed Me steps in.

On a daily basis, Don’t Forget to Feed Me is an organization that helps pet owners who cannot provide for their animals to receive food and supplies. But recently, their mission expanded when we teamed up together.

In January, Don’t Forget to Feed Me delivered 500 “Pet Comfort Kits” to the American Red Cross. The kits will be placed in disaster relief trucks. These kits contain a retractable food dish, pet food, leash, squeaky toy, and treats. When Red Cross workers respond to a home fire and the family also includes pets, volunteers will provide a Pet Comfort Kit to the owner. On average, Red Cross teams in DFW help five families every day.

For more than a century, American Red Cross workers have taken care of disaster victims by providing safe shelter, new clothing and groceries. Now, we can do even more. And our response volunteers already report what a big difference the kits make for pet owners, no longer worried about where fido or fluffy's next meal will come from either. On this Love Your Pet Day, we salute pet owners everywhere, and our newest partner, Don't Forget to Feed Me.

Show your Pet Day love by posting a photo of the creature in your life, and if you'd like, you can use hashtag #LoveYourPetDay.

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