Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Increase your Impact with Get Up and Give! Through Donor Bridge

Written by Lilly Watson, staff contributor
September 13th is a special day for you and the American Red Cross North Texas Region!
 As one of our friends, you have the opportunity to give online through Donor Bridge and have your gift of $25 or more matched to increase the impact of your gift and help us bring more of our important services to victims of disaster in North Texas.
Here at the Red Cross, it’s all about making an impact. Whether it’s the blanket and Piper the Puppy that keeps a child comforted in one of our shelters or the hot cup of coffee and safe place to stay for a person whose home caught fire, the Red Cross is there. We’re also there for the military family coping through a family crisis while a loved one is deployed, and for the person who can’t find their loved ones in a war-torn nation. Down the street, across the country and around the globe, the American Red Cross serves people in need every day. 
Our volunteers are trained to serve when disaster strikes and that service makes an impact. The 7,674 registered volunteers with the American Red Cross North Texas Region worked a total of 1,030,815 hours for our organization, expecting nothing in return but the satisfaction they get from helping others. That is an overall economic value of more than $22 million! A staff of 98.7% volunteers means more of your donated dollar going to more of our services – around the clock, every day.
When you give to the Red Cross, you are making a gift that can and will go on to serve people affected by disaster. Disaster has no timeline or preference when it comes to choosing where it will strike. We work to serve all people facing disaster, and your gift keeps us able to serve anyone at any time. 

North Texas Giving Day is an online giving event that provides nonprofits the opportunity to gain exposure to -- and start relationships with -- new donors, and for people in North Texas to come together to raise as much money as possible for local nonprofits.

Please join us for Get Up and Give on September 13 to make an impact!

All credit card gifts made on the Donor Bridge website from 7am CST – Midnight on Thursday, September 13, will be matched by the Communities Foundation of Texas. Get Up and Give a gift online from your computer or smartphone to be part of this incredible day of fundraising!
Ready to increase your impact while serving victims of disaster through the American Red Cross North Texas Region? There are three easy ways to find us on
  1. Name Search: Enter “American Red Cross North Texas Region” in the search field and hit Search
  2. Alpha Search: click on the letter of the first word in your name. ex: Click "A” to find American Red Cross North Texas Region.
  3. Category Search: Click on the category of your organization. American Red Cross North Texas Region is in the Human Services category!
To make your online credit card gift of $25.00 or more to the American Red Cross North Texas Region through Get Up and Give, click here. We thank you for your support!

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  1. Love to give when I know you have such a great teamof volunteers! Tomorrow is my favorite day in Dallas/ Donor Bridge !!


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