Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Vintage Video Day

I have always had a love for public service announcements. I don’t understand it. Actually, few do. Many still love the Incredible Crash Dummies, Longfellow's Whale Tales, and McGruff, the Crime Dog. With that admiration in mind, I would like to dub today as my personal Public Service Announcement day. OK, maybe it won't get passed in Congress, but PSAs are sometimes pretty amazing.

In honor of such a special day, I found several of my all-time favorite Public Service Announcements. I will warn you, most are from the 80s (because the 80s were generally all-around the best). But, I sneaked a few more recent ones from the American Red Cross.

Take a look. Have a laugh. Then remember how easy it is to give at the American Red Cross: donate, volunteer, train, prepare or give blood.

I never knew Gary Cooper starred in an American Red Cross PSA…

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