Sunday, July 19, 2009

Red Cross’s “Best of Preparedness” Guide to iPhone Apps

Wondering if your phone can save you if you are unconscious? There’s an app for that.

Curious if a tornado is in your area? There’s an app for that.

Can your iPhone double as an AED machine? There’s not an app for that… but it would be really cool. You should check out the apps that show you how to conduct proper CPR though.

While iTunes has a category for healthcare, it is buried deep inside the infinite iTunes list and mixed with other fitness apps.

Fear not, Good Samaritans and preparedness freaks, we have gone through millions of apps to bring you iPhones best preparedness apps.

** Note: It is always best to take a class and get certified for emergency situations. Then, use these tools to compliment your training. For more information, click to see the class schedule.

How does the Red Cross “Best of Preparedness” guide work?

· The categories: Save A Life and Disaster Preparedness.
· The description: based on the iTunes description of the app.
· The ratings: based on the average ratings for the app voted on by iTunes users. There can be a total of five "x."
· The price: you probably want to know if the app is free or a million dollars. (no, we did not find any million dollar apps in our search)
· The oops: If we missed one, feel free to add it in the comments section.

Save a Life

American Medical Aid American Medical Aid is the authoritative reference of “WHAT TO DO” when faced with a medical need, emergency or other wise. ×××½ $2.99

Asthma Journal Many doctors recommend Asthma patients to keep a daily journal to keep track of asthma symptoms, potential triggers, and medications. It helps doctors diagnose the cause of asthma and prescribe the most effective treatment. No rating $4.99

Blood Sugar Diabetes Control Finally an easy way to record and keep track of all your diabetic information needs! ×××½ $0.99

CPR & Choking Developed as a public service by leading physicians and educators in emergency care at the University of Washington and King County EMS, the CPR & Choking application provides instant information on how to perform CPR and how to aid a choking victim. ×××½ FREE

Close Call The application that allows you to put in your phone number, a short message, and an image to create custom health alert. ×××½ FREE

Find a Hospital (iHospital) Finds the nearest Hospital based on your location. No rating. $0.99

Health-EE: Medication & Allergy Health Record Health-EE is an encrypted electronic personal health record for the iPhone. By having your health record securely stored on your phone, you can access your medical information any time or place. ×××× $5.99

First Aid Pocket Guide Maybe one of the most important things you can have in your pocket is a trustworthy first aid guide from Parasol EMT. It provides simple to follow treatment guides, including an introduction to first aid, essentials of first aid, most common trauma and medical emergencies. ××½ $1.99

ICE (In Case of Emergency) Pro Version ICE (info needed “In Case of EMERGENCY”) for iPhone and iPod Touch helps you keep track of your Medical Emergency contacts, you Medical history, your Allergies/reactions, your Medications and other important medical data. The app gives immediate access to your medical information which is useful to doctors, paramedics and other emergency personnel responding to accidents, crimes and disasters. ×× $0.99

iFirstAid If you don’t, “iFirstAid” is the right application for your needs. It is an easy to use application that will allow you to correctly handle an emergency situation. All the basic information you need for the correct handling of an emergency case is illustrated and shortly described. ××½ FREE

iTeamAgenda Blood Pressure iTeamAgenda Blood Pressure helps you manage your Blood Pressure. You can use it to save your results locally and on the TeamAgenda server. No rating $0.99

iTeamAgenda Diabetes iTeamAgenda Diabetes helps you mange your Diabetes. You can use it to save the results locally and on the TeamAgenda server. No rating $0.99

Pet First Aid Your four-legged family members rely on you for their care, so be prepared 24/7 for a medical emergency. From cuts and impalement, to choking and CPR, Pet First Aid is at your fingertips with detailed articles, video, and illustrations to help you care for your dog and cat. Record your pet’s vital medical information to ensure their veterinarian is never more than a touch away, and your pet will never miss another vaccination. ×××× $2.99 for a limited time

Pocket First Aid & CPR Guide Whether you’re at home, on the road, or in the woods, the American Heart Association’s Pocket First Air & CPR application is at your fingertips with concise, clear instructions to care for you and your loved ones. ×××× $3.99

Disaster Preparedness

All Weather All Weather provides you with all your weather needs direct from Weather Underground, All data is formatted in a friendly iPhone/iPod Touch format for fast loading, even on edge. ××½ $0.99

Emergency Distress Beacon You’re lost in the middle of nowhere. You’re trapped in an earthquake, hurricane or other emergency situation. This simple application, when activated, sends out a distress beacon with your current location to rescuers. ××½ FREE

Emergency Radio Emergency Radio lets you listen to over 1,000 live police, fire, EMS, and other emergency frequencies. ×××½ $0.99

EZ Radar – TX EZ Radar TX gives you ANIMATED radar coverage for ALL of Texas direct from the National Weather Service. Why buy a radar application with a bunch of radars you don’t need and that’s complicated to use, get EZ Radar now for your area! ××½ $0.99

Hurricane Hurricane, the most popular and best selling Hurricane Tracking Application, gives you the ability to track these storms on the go using your iPhone or iPod Touch. Satellite images and tracking maps helps you see where these monster storms are heading. ×××½ $3.99

Weather Alert WeatherAlert is a simple weather notification application that will display alerts for your area such as Thunderstorms, Tornadoes, Floods, etc. ××× $0.99

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