Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Preparedness Tip of the Week - Call Me

Say hello to the new year and goodbye to unpreparedness habits. We learned a lot from last year, but this year, we're taking preparedness to a whole new readiness level.

So, I have to ask... are you ready?

Today's tip can save your life... like most of our preparedness tips. Create an emergency contact card and make copies for each member of your household. They should keep the card on them at all times. Remember the tip a while back about one local and one out-of-town contact... yeah, do that again here.

If you aren't up for getting crafty and creating your own, feel free to use ours. It's pretty snazzy... and you could definitely bedazzle it however you see fit.

Now for a video that speaks to this week's tip... after all, everyone loves Blondie.

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