Friday, March 2, 2012

Midwestern Tornado Watch: Listing Yourself as Safe and Well

Mother Nature has torn through the Midwest this week and is back tonight for another dangerous round of severe storms and tornadoes. Weather experts have predicted destruction to be likely and significant. If you are in the Midwest area or have loved ones that will find themselves up against these storms tonight, please help the American Red Cross by sharing our Safe and Well program with area residents.

After a disaster there is only one question where the answer truly matters, "Are you ok?" The Red Cross Safe and Well program helps loved ones stay connected in times of disaster by registering people as Safe and Well and allowing friends and family to search for their status on the site.

To register for Safe and Well visit the Safe and Well homepage and click "List Myself and Safe and Well." To search for a loved one, click "Search Registrants."

To register yourself or find a loved one in using Safe and Well, click here.

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