Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Rocking For the Red Cross – How Dallas Area Chapter Board Member Bob Boulogne Harmonizes Life, Music and Charity

by Natalie Horn, volunteer contributor

Father, philanthropist, hospitality pro and rock star – these are the four terms that best describe Red Cross Dallas Area Chapter board member and drummer of the Lost Coyote Band, Bob Boulogne.

The Lost Coyote Band was formed nine months ago when nationally acclaimed chef Dean Fearing and Boulogne, old friends from Boulogne’s time as chief operating officer of Rosewood Hotels and Resorts, picked up their instruments and started playing.  

“I had left my 30-year-old drum set at his house and one day while I was over there he picked up his guitar, I got on the drums, and we said, ‘Hey this is a lot of fun; let’s start a band,’” Boulogne said. 
The Lost Coyote band raised more than $10,000
for charity last month.

Other members of The Lost Coyote band include bass guitarist Dave Brummell and guitarist Dave Cook. 

Last month the band raised more than $10,000 for charity. Boulogne hopes to continue their fundraising success this weekend by hosting a concert and live auction with 100 percent of proceeds benefiting one of his favorite causes, the American Red Cross.

Boulogne became involved with the Red Cross three years ago through the suggestion of a friend. He says, as a member of the Dallas Area Chapter Board of Directors, he enjoys having the opportunity to brainstorm exciting ways to keep people plugged in to the great work the organization does. 

“We’ve been having discussions about how we could take a more youthful approach to the Red Cross - not necessarily in terms of age, but as in thinking,” Boulogne said. “We just want to have some fun with it.”  

If you are a fan of loud rock and roll, lead guitar riffs and late 60s through early 70s style rock, you will definitely enjoy the two sets the band has planned for the show, Boulogne promises.

“It’s a good excuse to get friends and like-minded music lovers together to not take life seriously, have some fun, and most importantly raise money for charity,” Boulogne added.

The band will rock out for the Red Cross Friday, March 29 at the Green Elephant Bar in Dallas from 8-11 p.m. Admission is $20 and will benefit the Red Cross Dallas Area Chapter.

So, how does one balance a busy career in hospitality, two children and a band while also volunteering on the board for the Dallas Area Chapter? 

“I just try to keep a positive attitude, keep the balls moving and keep great lines of communication with my kids,” Boulogne explained. “I never take anything too seriously; life is short.”

For more information about the concert or to learn how you can contribute to the Red Cross, visit

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