Friday, March 7, 2014

Severe Weather Awareness Week: 5 Tips to Stay Safe During Severe Weather

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by Catherine Carlton, volunteer contributor

Severe weather has threatened nearly every part of the country already this year. The American Red Cross has steps you can take to help stay safe if dangerous storms threaten their neighborhood.
Step one: Refresh your household disaster plans. Jim Cantore, The Weather Channel meteorologist and member of the American Red Cross Celebrity Cabinet, offers tips on what to do now to be ready when emergency strikes.
Step twoDownload the free Red Cross tornado app for mobile devices. The tornado app puts everything you need to know to stay safe in a tornado at your fingertips.
Step three: Thunderstorms are most likely to happen in the spring and summer, during the afternoon and evening. However, like tornadoes, they can happen anywhere, at any hour of the day. Watch for storm signs and go inside. If you are outside or driving, there are things you should do to remain safe. Information about what to do before, during and after a thunderstorm is available on this web site.
Step four: Spring can be a time of year for flooding. People should be prepared to evacuate at a moment’s notice and head for higher ground when a flood or flash flood warning is issued. Other safety steps include
Step five: The Red Cross first aid app (DOWNLOAD APPS FOR MOBILE DEVICES) puts expert advice for everyday emergencies at someone’s fingertips. The shelter finder lets someone know where Red Cross shelters are open. The free apps can be downloaded from the iTunes or Google Play stores by searching for American Red Cross.

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