Monday, March 3, 2014

Severe Weather Awareness Week: FOX 4’s Jennifer Myers Offers Six Safety Tips

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by Kay Pinkerton, volunteer contributor

Sunday, March 2 marks the beginning of Severe Weather Awareness Week in Texas.  The purpose of SWAW is to inform and equip people with knowledge when severe weather threatens.
Whether in the form of thunderstorms, tornadoes or flash floods, severe weather can quickly develop.  By preparing now, you and your family can take immediate action when the clouds darken and weather alerts are issued.
Preparation is not only key -- it’s smart.
So how does one prepare for severe weather?  The American Red Cross asked KDFW FOX 4 Meteorologist Jennifer Myers for weather safety tips. 
Myers replied with the following:
  •  Have a family plan. If you don't have a shelter, find someone who does and become “shelter buddies."
  • Get a weather radio for your home.  You can also keep track of severe weather watches, warnings and updates with free weather apps such as FOX 4’s “WAPP”  [and the Red Cross Tornado App].
  • Check weather conditions BEFORE you head out on the roads.  Roadways are among the deadliest places to be when a tornado hits. 
  • Large outdoor events (concerts, baseball games, etc.) can be especially dangerous when severe weather strikes. Check the weather before you leave the house. If there is a chance of severe activity, keep your phone charged and check for weather updates.
  • Stay away from flooded roadways. Period. You may have driven on the same road for years and the water looks only six inches deep.  Don’t be fooled.  The roadway could be washed out below, or hidden debris could leave you and your vehicle stranded.  Turn around, don't drown. 
  • Constant vigilance. I can't stress this enough. Living in the great state of Texas comes with a price. Mother Nature can strike at any time. Check the weather. Check it often.
Everything is bigger in Texas  - especially its storms.  Be smart, stay prepared and keep an eye on the sky. Don't forget to check out for safety information on emergency weather situations.


  1. Thanks KDFW FOX 4 Meteorologist Jennifer Myers for sharing the weather safety tips. I'll keep in this mind and will inform other friends and family members who are residents of Texas.


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