Monday, April 23, 2012

Celebrating our Youth in Action: Meet Red Cross Blood Services Volunteer Angel Diaz

Written by Linh Le, staff contributor

American Red Cross donor recruitment representative Shiela Winans  with Red Cross volunteer Angel Diaz at the Middle College High School blood drive.

Angel Diaz, age 18, knew that if he wanted college and career opportunities he would have to take matters into his own hands. In the coming weeks, Angel will be the first member of his family to graduate high school. Not only will he receive his high school diploma and be class valedictorian, Angel will also receive recognition for obtaining an Associates of Science and Associates of Arts.

In addition to his educational achievements, Angel is an American Red Cross blood drive coordinator volunteer.

“At Middle College High School, we are more focused on academics. I thought a blood drive was a great way to bring solidarity and help out the community at the same time.”

Angel and his friends coordinated the blood drive in every way, from securing rooms to recruiting fellow students to donate blood.

“You could see that the blood drive helped increase morale. We did a great job and exceeded our goal! It was a great way to bring everyone together.”

When he isn’t coordinating blood drives, studying or working, Angel also volunteers at Methodist Hospital in Dallas, where he has logged more than 300 volunteer hours. He said volunteering in the emergency room of the hospital made him realize how important it is to donate blood.

“Patients shouldn’t suffer because there isn’t compatible blood. Initially, I was scared to donate – who isn’t – but after spending time in the emergency room, I know how important is it to donate blood so it’s there for patients when they need it.”

Initially Angel started volunteering to meet people and build his resume for college, but now volunteering is something that he loves.

“Whether I am helping the Red Cross or at the hospital, it makes me feel good to know that I am making a difference.”

This fall, Angel will be attending the University of Denver where he received a full scholarship.

To learn how you can coordinate a blood drive, please visit

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